Terra Draconis - Black Market and Slavery

Official Rules for Iteration II.
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Terra Draconis - Black Market and Slavery

Postby Kat » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:00 pm

Black Markets
[+] Market Area
[+] Merchants and Clients
1. GM’s can sell higher quality goods and/or rarer materials and goods at premium prices.

2. GM BM characters have permanent stalls in a set aside area of the market. These are unused during normal market.

3. Players can sell anything they wish to sell except for Slaves

4. Players CAN sell stolen merchandise

5. Players may rent a stall ahead of time (4 Stalls, 15g per stall)

6. Players with a rented stall are considered “Merchants”

7. Merchants may still purchase goods at the Black Market.

8. A player does NOT have to have a stall in order to sell merchandise.

9. Players selling without stalls are still considered “clients”
[+] Guards and Safety during the Black Market
1. The market area will be patrolled by hired mercenaries.

2. Mercenaries are expected to bring their own arms and weapons. Only a limited quality and stock will be available (Borrowed from the 2nd hand arms store). Alternatively they may also trade one of their own weapons for the equivalent quality and style of non-lethal weapon.

3. Anyone who does not return the Armor and Weapons used at the black market receives a bounty based on the value of the stolen items.

4. Armor and Weapons should be checked out before Market begins, and returned after Market ends.

5. Mercenaries will be instructed to give “Merchants” preference in defense over “Clients”

6. Mercenary Guards must temporarily join the Claim of Seabrew Haven for the duration of the Black Market.

7. Guards are required to make an attempt at “de-escalation” before involving themselves in a melee. Any attempt at De-escalation.

9. Guards should ALWAYS defend a “Merchant” over a client, and a guard or permanent seller over a Merchant.

10. Guards that defend a client over a merchant can (And probably will be) bountied or barred from serving as a Mercenary Guard, at the discretion of the black market owner.

11. Guards are expected to keep to the following Priority List: Perm. Merchants (GM Merchants), Rented Merchants (Players), Friends of their character (They ARE Mercenaries), Clients

12. Guards are expected to intervene in the following situations

a. A fight between 3 or more players breaks out and does not de-escalate upon request

b. Any violence during a slave auction within the auction grounds

c. A “Merchant” indicates they are being attacked.

d. A “Merchant” indicates they are being harassed, and the client refuses to leave.

13. Guards are expected to stay all night. Payment comes at the end of the night.
[+] NPC Stores
1. A maximum of two NPC stores will be open each Black Market.

2. One of these will be a High Quality Item store which will have a small number of high quality items that change each week.

3. One of these will be an armor/weapons trade. Each week along with the opening of the market, a single type of item will be announced that the store will purchase from players.

4. Each person is limited to sell one item per Market.
[+] Slave Auction
[+] General Slave Rules
1. The slave auction will occur 45 out of game minutes after nightfall on the “night” of the Black Market.

2. Slaves are either GM slave characters (Which can be rented) or Volunteer Player Characters
[+] GM Slaves
1. GM’s will choose a maximum number of in game days to work..

2. GM slaves are available per "In Game Day" (2.5 Hours)

3. Labor is from sun up to sun up

4. Labor by a GM slave character can be Terraforming, Resource Gathering, Paving, or use of the Specilization Tree Unique to that slave (GM's choice prior to auction).

5. Specialization Tree should be chosen before Auction
[+] Temporary Slaves
1. Any player may offer themselves as a slave

2. The slave, upon confirmed successful completion of their labor, will receive half of their auction price.

3. A player slave that has not begun their labor by the next black market will receive a bounty at half their auction price.

4. The other half of the auction price will be refunded to the buyer.

5. While being rented, player slaves are considered to be “Black Market Property”; should a fight occur, they are expected to immediately yield and declare in /shout they are currently Market Property.

6. Should a slave be killed after this point (Proof required) the offender will be fined by the Market as deemed appropriate. This may be included but not limited to offering a bounty for the offender.
[+] Player Slave Characters
1) Player Slaves are owned Primarily by the Black Market

2) When a Player Slave has been purchased they become part of the purchasers claim.

3) A slave has the right to be resold.

4) If the owner of a Player Slave or a member of their claim kills a Player Slave, the offender will be subject to Black Market fines which may include a bounty.
[+] Auction and Prices
1) Total GM Slave Price is (Auction Price + Daily Fee + Specialization Fee)

2) GM Auction price starts at 50g

3) GM Daily Fee is 50g for each in game day (Up to the indicated maximum)

4) Specialization Fee (If desired) is 25g

5) Total Player Slave Price is (Auction Price + Daily Fee)

6) Player Auction Price starts at 25g

7) Player Daily fee is 25g for each in game day (Up to the indicated maximum)
[+] Volunteering for Auction
1. All Slave Volunteers must sign up by 7PM Server Time Friday.

2. Applications are submitted Publicly on Forum under the following guidelines

3. Title will be in this format ( Name - Number of Days Available - Specializations )

4. Specializations are skills that are at the top of their skill trees

5. Actual Post should include: Name of the Volunteer Slave, Strength and Willpower Stats, Any Skills available at Rank 3 or higher, Maximum number of Days willing to work
[+] Property Protection
1. While completing Slave Labor the Slave is considered Market Property

2. Should a fight occur near them, they are expected to yield immediately

3. They are expected to declare in /shout that they are "Market Property"

4. If a slave is killed after their yielding and declaration (both, Proof is required) the offender will be subject to Black Market fines which may include a bounty.

5. If a slave owner kills a rented slave they are treated in the same manner as detailed above
[+] Individual Stable Rentals
1. Stable Stalls are available for horses at a rate of 1 Horse per 2g

2. People from the same claim may store their horses in the same stall (If they wish)

3. The price for a stored horse is still 2g per Horse regardless of whether they share a stall.

4. A Mercenary Guard will stand watch over the horse stalls during the black market.

5. Guard will take payment prior to “parking” a horse.

6. Guard will deliver payment at the end of the night along with the return of their weapons and armor.

7. Guards who fail to deliver the appropriate amount of gold will be bountied for 150g.
[+] General Behavior
1. The Black Market will open every Friday at the start of the first night after 9PM EST. (If 9pm is during the night, it will be the following night).

2. A GM Announcement will alert all players to the opening of the market.

3. It is expected that combat can occur. This is NOT a safe zone.
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