Terra Draconis - Religion and Deities

Official Rules for Iteration II.
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Terra Draconis - Religion and Deities

Postby Kat » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:56 pm

Terra Draconis uses a deity/pantheon system for our GM team interaction with the world. We try to put a flavorful "RP First" perspective on interactions. Because of this there are several things to keep in mind with regards to GM interaction in Terra Draconis.

1) God Characters are both Gods and characters. They have their own personalities, preferences, and whims. Some characters may be more beneficial than others to contact; for example: A bandit attacks you on the way to market, seeing Callistra and Julianus at market you have a choice as to which god to complain to: Callistra is the goddess of theives, Julian is the god of justice. If you were to approach Callistra, she would likely pretend to be outraged and ask for the man's name, only to turn around and reward the thief. Julianus, on the other hand, may well smite, or take the thief to trial for his crimes.

2) It is important to keep in mind that as "Gods" they have increased stats and very often invulnerability enabled as characters. It is highly ill-advised to attack or attempt to kill a God (they are not meant to be killed).

3) As the gods are mostly invulnerable, they will not take direct action (fight along side) in a war unless it is a major "Trojan War" like scenario that has been thought out ahead of time. While they may give more or less aid based on the interactions you have with them, that aid will primarily be limited to supplies and resources or knowledge.

4) Typically god stats are set at 100 across the board. Along with this they are often set as "invulnerable". Please keep this in mind if you decide to attack one.

5) Our Pantheon is only a default pantheon. It is not necessary to worship the gods of Terra Draconis, however, realize that many benefits that are inherent in having a much more direct relationship with your deity will be absent should you chose to follow a faith outside of the default.

6) Our Pantheon was put together with the D&D alignment system kept in mind for ease of understanding the gods and their proclivities.

[+] The Gods of Law and Order
[+] Lawful Good
Julianus, The High Justicar [Lawful Good] - God of Order, Honor, Justice, Valor, Wisdom, Redemption, Victory, Sky, the Sun and Hope
-Temple in Ashteel Military District
[+] Lawful Evil
Averyn, The Eternal Blade - [Lawful Evil] - God of Contracts, Honor, Greed, and Revenge
- Temple on the Northeast Peninsuala
[+] The Gods of Balance and Neutrality
[+] Neutral Good
Valdryn, The Forgemaster - [Neutral Good] - God of The Forge, The Elements, and the Ocean
- Temple in Ashteel Religious District

Lilium - [Neutral Good] - Healing, Beauty, Love, Protection, Slaves
- Temple Not Built
[+] True Neutral
Casus, The Book Keeper - [True Neutral] - God of Limbo, Death, Mortality, and Time.
- Temple in Ashteel Religious District

Dryvera, The Wyrd Queen - [True Neutral] - Goddess of Nature, Moon, the Night, Beasts
- No Temple Built

Togal - [True Neutral] - God of Minerals, Gems ,and Tunneling
-No Temple Built
[+] The Gods of Chaos and Disorder
[+] Chaotic Good
Callistra, The Quiet Laugh - [Chaotic Good] - Goddess of Thieves, Commerce, Travel, The Arts, Deception, Wealth, Luck
- "Temple" in Ashteel Religious District
[+] Chaotic Neutral
Diedre - [Chaotic Neutral] - The Hunt, the Harvest, the Hearth, the Seasons
-No Temple Built
[+] Chaotic Evil
Morganna, The Unchained Horror - [Chaotic Evil] - Goddess of Chaos, Destruction, Suffering, Depravity, Terror, Fear, Pestilence, Plague and Famine, Darkness
-No Temple Built
[Sanctuary - Iteration 4] - Katarina Torvulddottir
[Sanctuary - Iteration 4] - Kari Torvulddottir
[Sanctuary - Iteration 5] - Queen Katherine Zilbervoss of the Northern Kingdom
[Sanctuary - Iteration 5] - Princess Alexandra Zilbervoss of the Northern Kingdom
[Sanctuary - Iteration 6] - Viscount Lucien Equanox
[Terra Draconis - Iteration 1] - Viscount Daryn Steelheart
[Terra Draconis - Iteration 1] - Vanya Steelheart

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