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Official Rules for Iteration II.
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Terra Draconis - General Rules

Postby Kat » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:53 pm

Welcome to Terra Draconis!

This is a role play & pvp server with a focus on quality interaction and community building.

This is a permadeath server that uses a wound system.

Current As Of 8/29/2016
The Terra Draconis GM team reserves the right to warn, kick, or ban any player for reasons not defined in this ruleset.
Please uproot all stumps!!!

If any community member wishes to report a player for rule violation, they must post on the appropriate forum with evidence such as screenshots or video of the violation. GMs will not be able to assist more serious accusations unless a formal complaint with proof is submitted on this forum.

Please check the Events forum for announcements.
- Market days occur on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10pm eastern for one hour.
- Combat is not allowed inside of the market area during market hour.
- Horses are not allowed inside of the market area during market hour.
- Black Market days are Friday during the first night after 10pm EST. They last from sundown to sunup. Click here for more information.
Tournaments usually take place every two weeks and will be announced on the Events Forum.

Combat Rules:
- No kill on sight (KOS) unless:
-- A character is actively listed on an official bounty board.
-- Your claim is at war with another claim.
-- Your claim is set hostile to another claim on this forum. Rules for claim relations can be found here.

- 5 lines of typed full sentences of RP must precede a wound / death. However, you may voice your lines if you get confirmation in the local tab that your opponent can hear you. We strongly recommend that you screenshot or record all combat.

- Once your character is wounded (player killed), you are 'untouchable' by that claim for three hours after your death to recuperate. This only applies if you do not provoke a fight.
- There is a 12 hour cool down on claim attacks. This means if your clan was attacked on your claim, your attackers may not return to your claim for at least twelve hours without permission. Combat can still occur between clans off claim.

- If you are killed in an engagement, you cannot return to that engagement to fight again.

[+] I. Character Guidelines
- RP-appropriate names only.
- No titles are allowed as names Example: "of Hampshire", "Lord", "Sir", "Lady", "the Bold"
- No actual media character names may be used. Period.
- Names that are similar to a media character's name may be used.
Example: John Snow - Illegal, Aeris Snow - Legal
- Having only a First Name IS allowed. Put " ` " as your last name. Use the Name Change Request Form to get this corrected.

- 2 characters per account maximum.
- Alternate Characters MUST be approved by the GM Council.
- Alternate Characters that are not approved by the GM Council will be subject to summary deletion based on which character was made first.
- Having an alt in a separate claim than your main character requires additional GM approval. Make your request here.
[+] II. Global Chat
- Global chat is for Out-of-Character, trade requests, new player help, recruitment, ravens and knocking on doors/gates. No directions or location/combat information can be given.
- Global chat is not an RP conduit. The only RP we allow is 'sends mass raven to the lands' when you are in search of particular items.
[+] III. Guild and Claim Rules
- No claims on the mountain, no claims on clay pits.
- Tier 4 Monuments require Application from the GM team, failure to apply will lead to monument removal.
- Solid tree walls are prohibited. Solid tree walls are restricted to 3x5. Trees planted similarly to a natural forest that is still able to be crossed on horseback are preferable and not limited by the 3x5 rule. Uproot stumps.
- Guilds will be restricted to 40 accounts.
- A monument may be set no closer to another claim than a 5 tile overlap when both are tier 3. Should they overlap more than 5 tiles, the older claim has the right to request the younger monument be downgraded.
- Claim boundaries and monuments are not valid as siege equipment. Using game mechanics in this way is forbidden.
- You may not stack items to be used as gates.
- Only items that are able to be destroyed by an enemy may be used as a wall or barrier.
- You may not construct death traps or pits that causes a player to repeatedly take fall damage.
- The tournament grounds are neutral territory during tournaments.
- The starter town is neutral territory except if otherwise stated by a GM.
- No tampering with the tournament grounds.
- No Using Rest Zones without GM Approval

- Any land, buildings, or items NOT on a claim or connected to a claim CAN be claimed or destroyed by other players. Land, buildings, or items that are attached to a claim can ONLY be destroyed with valid RP.

- The exception to this rule is anything in Ashteel City. Anything in Ashteel City (the starter city) may not be destroyed or removed except by explicit permission from a GM.

- Stealing a Horse that is on a claim by any means outside of a war scenario or raid is illegal.
- Killing a Horse that is on a claim outside of a war scenario or raid without RP is illegal.
- Stealing or Killing a horse that is in the vicinity of a claim without RP is illegal.
- Stealing or Killing a horse that is in the vicinity of another character without RP is illegal.

-Using the "Skull" Heraldry is reserved for Undead NPCs only. Using it in your heraldry is strictly forbidden.
[+] IV. Metagaming and Powergaming
-Both of the following are prohibited:
-- Metagaming - providing/receiving character information via non-game or OOC methods (such as combat intelligence through Team Speak, player locations in global chat or tracking players via ravens).
-- Powergaming - when a player forces an action upon another person using means outside of standard game mechanics (such as "roleplaying" that you grab a character and break their neck).
[+] V. Roleplay Expectations
- Bad roleplay will be determined by the GM Council after a complaint has been issued.
- Bad roleplay will be considered a bannable offense:

Examples of BAD roleplay:
-- Talking in game after you’ve died - especially trolling or insulting.
-- Purposely not responding to another player attempting to roleplay.
-- Siding with others when it doesn’t make roleplay sense.
-- Killing someone outside of war or bounties, with little to no roleplay
-- Harassment will be considered a bannable offense.
-- Spamming global, or targeting another player in global, with malicious intent.
-- Using 3rd party communications such as Steam or Teamspeak to spam or bother another player, with malicious intent.
-- Constantly bullying or attacking a group on their own claim, with poor or minimal RP.
-- Following another player with malicious intent, such as constantly trying to block movement or doorways.

-- Unwanted roleplay that involves racism, rape, immature or abusive behavior is prohibited. The GM Council reserves the right to bypass giving a "Warning".
[+] VI. Permadeath and Wounding System

When a player is killed by another player, they are considered "wounded".
All players may be wounded once before being “perma-killed.” A wound lasts 7 real-time days. If you are killed by a player again while wounded, your character is considered dead and will be deleted.
In order for a wound timer to start, a post must be made on the graveyard forums that includes a screenshot of a player’s tombstone and a combat log, within 3 hours of the kill. Video evidence is an acceptable substitute. The GM team reserves the right to declare a wound valid based upon GM evaluation and observation.

The following elements must be within the screenshots/video in the Graveyard Forums:
- The tombstone of the killed individual complete with the time remaining to loot and the name of the player (Screenshot THEN loot!).
- RP Prior to the kill or conflict.
- Combat Log indicating a wounding of the killed player immediately followed by the alignment modifier from the kill.

If a player posts a character death with insufficient evidence (no combat log) the "accused" player may contest the wound, at which point the wound will be at GM discretion.

If a player attempts to falsify a post in the Graveyard forums they will immediately receive either a wound, permadeath or a ban, based on the decision of the GM Council.

If the corpse is unable to be approached, notify a GM and they will confirm the kill. If a GM goes within the 3 hour time limit to confirm a kill and the body is missing the individual indicated in the logs who removed the tombstone will be subject to punishment from the GM Council.
[+] VII. Non-War Combat Rules
Poisons are banned from combat at all times. (Poisons may be used in cooking)
KOS is NOT ALLOWED during non-war combat, with the exception of Bounties (see VIII) and Guild Relation Statuses that allow otherwise (Hostile and Enemy). See the Vassal/Nobility Rules for more details.
RP needs to take place in local prior to attempting to rob/wound/kill a player. We expect at the bare minimum 5 lines from the bandit/attacker.

You are required to have mutual communication (local chat, voice chat) with your target before initiating any hostile action. You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous, and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance.

If you are attacked, either after appropriate RP or by an aggressor breaking KOS rules or attempting to collect your bounty, you have a right to defend yourself.

Characters logging in after a server restart or a disconnect should NEVER be attacked before first establishing that character has fully loaded in and is aware of their surroundings. If they were on their horse before they disconnected, before combat can resume, they must be allowed to re-mount their horse. Killing their horse while they are disconnected is unacceptable. Communication should take place before any combat should resume.

Engaging in KOS combat or raiding a claim (defined as scaling walls or buildings or otherwise gaining access to an obviously enclosed and secured area) are strictly against the rules if war has not been declared AND approved.
If you find yourself in a situation where you feel an opponent has broken these rules, you MUST provide screenshots or video of the overall situation in general, and the combat and chat logs specifically, in order for the GM team to take appropriate action.
[+] VIII. Character Bounty Board Rules
[+] Official Realm Bounties
Players can post a bounty to a GM character during market days for the head of a specific character. Once the GM approves and posts the bounty via the Bounty Board the information becomes public, in-character knowledge. This means the targeted player is identifiable without conversation.

- Bounty requests are brought to a GM, in-character, during the black market.
- The GM handling that specific bounty may decline the bounty if it lacks sufficient RP cause.
- Payment is required up front to the GM.
- Characters may claim a bounty at any time from a GM if they have
Minimum amount is 25 gold for a bounty.
-The bounty poster(s) can gain anonymity (the forum post will not specify who gave the bounty), in which case the minimum amounts are doubled.
Once a character bounty is approved and formalized via the Terra Draconis Forums, that character can be Killed On Sight, without RP, by all players, except during GM-sanctioned tournament events at the tournament grounds.
-The affected player may NOT preemptively engage in KOS, per standard rules. They MAY defend themselves without RP, per standard rules, if they have been engaged in combat.
-Proof of the kill is required on the kill forums per standard rules.
- Wounding a character is acceptable to collect a bounty.
-Bounties can ONLY be collected by the character performing the fatal blow.
-Attempts to falsely claim a bounty will result in some form of punishment based on the severity of the offense.
-Players may pay double their bounty to have their bounty remove after a week has passed during market.
[+] Bounties of the People
- On the forum, "Suggestions/Requests", under the Bounties of the People subforum, a player may submit a suggestion for a character to be added to the Bounty Board, as well as a valid RP reason for why the suggestion is being made.
- Each Wednesday after Market a poll of 5 nominees will be placed by the GM council for the citizens of the realm to vote on who should become the next bounty of the people.
- The person with the most votes will automatically be placed on the Bounty List with a price calculated as follows:
- 50g + the difference between the 1st and 2nd place vote totals.
[+] Unofficial Bounties
Characters may offer gold to mercenaries willing to go after their enemies. While these ARE in character bounties they are NOT granted KOS. If you KOS on an unofficial bounty, your kill will be made void.
[+] IX. War Declaration Procedure
Wars require valid roleplay justification.
Wars may be declared at any time via a post on the forums.
Wars are NOT valid until approved by a GM.

DECLARING war is in-character knowledge, although utilizing war rules is disallowed until the war is APPROVED.
Aggressing party must provide victory demands (goods, permadeath of an enemy, destruction of a monument, etc) in their war declaration. If defending party meets these demands, the war is over. An aggressor cannot declare war on the same claim for 7 days after that war's end.

The GM team will validate the requested victory demands based on context.
Any additional attacking claims are to be listed in the wardec. Those claims MUST reply to the post to confirm involvement before the wardec can be approved.

The defender MUST reply to the wardec before it can be approved. Any additional defending claims can be specified at this time, and must also reply to confirm involvement before a wardec can be approved

After a war has been declared, the warring claims will not be considered "at war" until a "final peace conference" has occurred. This will be overseen by the Gods most affected by the war: Solisk, God of War, Casus: God of Mortality and Death, and Julian: God of Justice. In this conference there will be time for a "final offer of peace" (not required, but permitted). If in the sight of the Gods, peace cannot be reached, then the two sides will be given approval on the forums, and at the end of the "final peace conference" the claims will be immediately considered "at war". At minimum, the leaders of both sides must be present with the gods for the conference.

Once a wardec is approved by the GM team, additional claims may post their involvement up to 24 hours before the first War Scenario. After that point, joining claims must have separate GM approval.
[+] X. War Combat Rules
War combat rules are the same as non-war combat rules, with two exceptions:
All combat between warring parties when NOT on a claim can be KOS. Combat between warring parties when ON a claim must still follow RP-first rules.
Every 24 hours "warring parties" may conduct a raid on the enemy.
[+] XI. Raiding During Wartime
When a claim is raided the following occurs:
- A 48 hour timer begins before any claim on the aggressing side may attack the primary defender (the target) again.
- An 8 hour timer begins before any claim that participated in the attack may raid again.
- A claim may only raid once every 8 hours.
- It is the responsibility of allied claims to communicate so they may raid or defend together.

Raiding is defined as engaging in KOS combat on a claim, and/or scaling walls or buildings or otherwise gaining access to an obviously enclosed and secured area.

- Sabotage, defined as gaining entry to an obviously enclosed and/or secured area with the assistance of another character, is considered a siege "weapon".
- Sabotage must be approved on the Espionage Board.

- Siege Weapons are allowed to be used during any raid or wartime scenario.

- Take screenshots of your entry method.
- All means of entering a base must be used within the laws of physics. No floating objects.
- Obtaining entry by standing on another player’s shoulders or on a horse is prohibited.
- You may not scale a claim’s walls by riding a horse over them.
- All combat during a raid bypasses normal RP rules and can be considered KOS.
Pre-emptive Attacks
- Pre-emptive attacks must be posted in the War Declaration Forum under the Pre-emptive Attacks sub-forum and are subject to GM approval.
- A pre-emptive attack allows a warring party to bypass the traditional war declaration format. Instead of declaring war and then raiding, a warring party may raid and then be REQUIRED to declare war within a 24-hour period of the attack.
- After the attack is completed, the aggressor must draft their war declaration post per the war declaration procedure.
-If an attacker chooses to engage in a Pre-emptive attack, they may not be able to have as many demands as normal approved by the GM team, as a penalty for the surprise attack.
[+] XII. War Scenario Rules
War Scenarios will be conducted with two weeks of the declaration at maximum.
At Terra Draconis we offer 3 different Types of War, one of which must be agreed upon by both aggressor and defender. The times for each stage of a traditional war must be chosen ahead of time and agreed upon by Defender, Aggressor, and the GM Council.

With the exception of an Honor Duel, the only permadeath or wounds that may occur during a war scenario is from victory conditions.
[+] Honor Duel by Leaders
- This is a duel to the death.
- This duel ends in a permadeath regardless of whether the leader was wounded when he began the duel.
- The victor may opt to spare the loser, in which case the loser is wounded (regardless of their prior status at the beginning of the duel).
- If either side violates the honor duel, the opposing side has the option to continue the war by entering the 2nd stage of the Traditional War.
- The only time this does not result in a permadeath of one or both characters, is if the victor chooses to spare the loser. The permadeath is STILL VALID whether or not the honor duel is violated.
- If both sides accept the outcome of the duel, the victor receives their victory condition.
[+] Traditional War
Stage 1: Field Battle (King of the Hill)
Setting up the Field Battlefield:
-Roughly 50% distance between the two claims, a battlefield will be set up.
-The choice of where the exact battleground is determined by the GM team, based on the lay of the land.
- If this location settles on a non-belligerent claim, it either needs to be moved, OR the GM team will require that claim’s approval to hold the battle on their claim.
- If the battle takes place on a neutral claim, both parties are guests of the claim for the duration of the battle, nothing will be destroyed and members of the bystander claim are not combatants. By the same token, bystanders are not allowed to engage in combat with the belligerent sides.
- Boundaries will set up using posts for the four corners of the “battlefield”
-Tents will be set up for either side to mark the spawn location for each side.
- Remind both sides that they can enter into negotiations before the battle takes place.
- Each side can bring their forces to the open field battle. They do not have to declare the amount of forces they are bringing, however: there must be enough room on the server to account for the GMs to be present to moderate the engagement.
- Each side MUST deploy at their respective camp.
- Non-belligerents cannot interfere with the field battle, under harsh penalty.

Field Battle Combat: King of the Hill
- Once the GM gives the OK, both sides can begin to engage in combat.
- Once a player is defeated, he cannot come back into the fight.
- Players that blatantly leave the combat area are disqualified from the battle.
- If at any point one of the parties has no members in the battle area, they lose, and the field battle ends.\

There is no Permadeath or wounding in the war.
The victor:
-May choose to move the conflict forward by declaring they will lay siege to the loser’s town.
- Gets the loot from the battleground.
- If the victor is the defender, they can declare the war over without needing to accede to the attacker’s demands.

Stage 2: Siege the town (Kill the General)

Setting up the Siege Battle.
- In consultation with the leader of the attacking claim/alliance, a new tent will be spawned as the siege camp for the besiegers.
- Attackers start at the siege camp.
- Attackers must choose a general. This should be the claim leader if possible.
- Defenders start inside the town.
- Defenders must choose a general. This should be the claim leader if possible.
- Setup can take place after the GM gives approval to start the JH.
- Defenders can start anywhere inside the walls of their claim.
- If no walls are present, they must deploy at their monument.

Siege attacks should be limited to destroying walls.
Siege equipment can also be used to destroy defensive buildings. This includes structures that have people shooting from them.

Siege damage should be restricted to only destroying what you immediately need to breach the walls or destroy structures used to defend. Abuse of this rule may result in an end to the war, and/or punishment.

Siege Equipment may be used to defend a city.

Keeps of the wooden, small, regular, and castle variety are governed by special rules.
- If the defending force does not want their keep to be a legitimate target for destruction but wishes to use their keep defensively, the defending guild will be required to keep the doors of the keep open. This shall be accomplished by a GM entering the guild before the battle commences to claim the keep while it is open.
- A defending force that opts to keep their keep door open may still use furniture to form barriers to entry and other movement.
- If the defending force does not wish for the doors to be open, then the keep, just like every other building, will be fair game if used for defensive purposes (such as an archer emplacement or as a look-out point)

- Once an attacker is killed, they may not come back onto the field.
- If there are no attackers left “on the field”, they lose.
- If either general is killed, the war event ends immediately.
- Once a defender is killed, you may not return to fighting. You may stay on a roof/in a building sitting/naked. You may not loot any corpses, objects, etc. You may only watch. Anyone abusing the observer state will be punished.
- Defenders can use towers, structures, walls, etc. in order to defend themselves.
- Any structure “manned” counts as a defensive structure.

Keeps are governed by their own rules in an earlier section.
Defenders may not re-enter combat once they die. They must wait for the JH to end in the yield position or sitting down.

If at any point, the defenders have been defeated--where all defenders are yielding, sitting, or dead, the battle will be over.
Defenders who flee their claim will be considered “leaving the field of battle” and will be considered to have been defeated.
Hiding in mines or other non-building constructions and failing to return will be considered “leaving the field of battle.”

- No wounds or permadeaths will occur during the War. This does not include victory conditions.
- The victor gets the following spoils:
- If the attacker wins, their GM-approved demands must be met by the defender to the best of the defender’s abilities considering the destruction they have suffered. (For example, if the attacker demanded the death of one of the members of the claim, that member will be executed regardless of their presence at the battle)
- The Monument of the loser is a valid target for a victory condition ONLY.
- The war is over.
- To be able to torch (destroy without siege equipment, to be completed by a GM): two structures excluding the monument and keep (This is in addition to your victory conditions.)
- If the defender wins, they can choose to push back to the field battle or end the war.
[+] Great War
- This scenario is a LONG scenario. Expect it to take a good amount of time.
- This scenario combines the two elements of the Traditional War into one single battle.
- It begins with a field battle equidistant from the cities of the Primary aggressor and Primary defender.
- When a person falls in battle, they are expected to choose whether to remain present at the battle field, but outside of it, or to remain in their primary city.
- At any time, either side's general may call a retreat to their city.
- If the general of a side falls and more than half of their starting members have fallen, it is considered a rout, and will immediately begin the siege of the retreating/routing player's primary city.
- At this point any members of the combat may rejoin combat.
- A routing side does NOT have to return to their city, but the requirements for victory do not change regardless of the location of their fulfillment.
- When a player is killed during the siege, they are eliminated from the scenario.
- A victory is declared when a General falls during the siege, or when all players of a side are eliminated.
- When a victory is declared, the victors are awarded their spoils.
- If the siege is successful, the victor may select two buildings to destroy excluding the monument and the keep.
- If the siege is unsuccessful, the victor may demand reasonable war reparations that are within the ability of the losing side to pay. The GM Council will be the final arbiter of what is considered reasonable.
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