Terra Draconis - Citizens of the Kingdom

Official Rules for Iteration II.
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Terra Draconis - Citizens of the Kingdom

Postby Kat » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:17 pm

The Kingdom of Ashteel - A Second Path of Play
1) All players have the option of taking the “Kingdom Citizen” Path
2) While on the path, a player is expected to tithe weekly.
3) Tithes will be assigned by occupation at a one on one level.
4) This path allows players to begin farming/working immediately without the need to build.

The Kingdom of Ashteel has several tiers of citizens and nobility.
1) Peasant – The workers. They work the fields, hunt, and provide most of the kingdom’s raw materials.
2) Artisan – They largely consist of the processors and craftsmen that make the goods and/or provide the services for the kingdom.
3) Lower Class Nobility (Baron/Viscount) – They work directly with peasants and artisans to provide financial backing and real estate from which to work.
4) Upper Class Nobility (Count/Duke) – They provide structure to the noble system to which Barons and Viscounts report. Their responsibilities focus largely on politics and outside realm interactions. Counts and Dukes are expected/required to have land outside the capital city.

A player may begin play at any level, from lower class nobility down. Each class of citizen/nobility is more expensive to start at than the one before it.
1) Peasants simply are given tools to work, and they may begin work immediately. They may choose any house in the residential district.

2) Artisans must negotiate a price required for the usage of their craft station and the provisioning of tools. This may be in currency form at the rate of 30g or in the form of Goods. Until this loan is paid in full, half of their goods/income will go towards paying it off.

3) Lower class nobles must take out a loan in order to purchase at least one building after which they are responsible for that building. They may begin with up to 6 buildings/dwellings under their care. Up to 3 for Barons, up to 6 for Viscounts. Each dwelling/building requires a loan of 100g. They will be responsible for paying off the loan, and until then, half of their income or goods will go towards loan repayment.

4) Lower class Nobles cannot improve in rank until their loans are repaid. They also must meet all requirements for the rank that they are attempting to claim.
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